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Sesshomaru X Reader Story

'  ' means thinking
"   " means talking

(For the next few chapters, so you don't get confused, it's going to be about how you got into that situation in the first chapter. I will be coming back to it but right now I want these chapters to be about how you got to the Fuedal Era, why you're with Sesshomaru and how you grew your relationship with him!)


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (YOUR POV) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


“Wuh?!” I lift my head up from the desk to see Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka staring down at me angrily.

“_________, you fell asleep during class again!” Yuka shouts.

“I did?” I say groggily, while wiping my saliva that ran down my chin.

“Gross!" Eri says in disgust.

“Sorry, I can’t help it!” I shout, still sleepy from the short nap.

“Come on ________, Kagome invited us to her house for her 15th birthday/slumber party! We all need to go home and get our stuff ready!” Yuka says enthusiastically and starts to shake me by the shoulders.

“Hey wait” Ayumi says.

We all look at Ayumi. “What is it?” Eri asks.

“Did any of you see Kagome at all today? Because I didn’t” She states.

We all say no that we didn’t see her either.

‘That is weird now that I think about it. Kagome has never skipped a day of school, EVER!’

“Maybe she asked her parents to let her skip this one time because it’s her birthday or she just skipped school to go on a birthday date with Hojo!” Yuka says with love dovey eyes.

“Dumbass! Hojo was here today!” Eri says annoyed.

“Oh yeah!...” Yuka gets a sweat drop going down her head.

“Well whatever the case is that she didn’t show at school today, hopefully it won’t be too bad so she doesn’t cancel the slumber party” Yuka says. “Let’s just go get our stuff and meet at Kagome’s house”.

“Ha! Suckers! I already brought my stuff to school!” I stick my tongue out at them and show them my backpack.

“If all your stuff for the sleepover is in your school backpack, then how did you fit your school supplies in there too?” Eri asks.

“I didn’t put any of my school supplies in here, I took them all out and left them at home. Like I do anything already!” I say.

“WHAT?!” They all yell in unison.

“So you’re saying that you did completely nothing today? You slept in all your classes?” Ayumi asks.

I nod.

They all facepalm.

“God, I love you _______!” Yuka starts to laugh uncontrollably.

Ayumi giggles.

“Dummy” Eri chuckles.

I smile brightly, “Well I’d love to stick around and chat but I promised Kagome that I would help her set up for the party!”

I put on my bookbag and rushed out of the classroom and out the front doors of the school.

I kept running to Kagome’s house but I had to look both ways before I cross a street a few times, wait for a few stop walking signs to turn to walk, and pull down my green uniform skirt due to a few strong breezes that made my uniform skirt fly up. Seriously, like who invented these things? Pedophiles and perverted principals?

I finally arrive in front of the steps of Kagome’s house/ Shrine.

“Ugh! Why does there have to be so many stairs?!” I cry out to myself and begin to walk up the treacherous steps.

Once I made it to the top, I dropped to the ground.

“I *pant* hate *pant* those fucking *pant* stairs!” I try to regain my breathing and bring myself to stand up.

I walk up to  the Thousand Year Old Sacred Tree. It’s the one tree, other than Cherry Blossoms, that catches my utmost attention. Kagome’s grandfather gave me a history lesson on the tree and the legend of the hidden well. His stories fascinated me.


“That sounded like Sota!” I quickly run to where all the commotion was happening.

I rush to find Kagome’s mother, grandfather and her brother, Sota. They were crying and looking down into the well.

“Ms. Higurashi? Wha-what’s going on?” I ask.

“It’s Kagome!” Sota buts in before Kagome’s mother can say anything.

“What?! What happened to her?” I ask, utterly worried now that something had happened to one of my best friends.

“I-In the morning K-kagome and I were trying to get B-buyo out of here. K-kagome went near the well to look for B-buyo but...she-she got pulled down the well by something!” He says and continues to cry.

A shiver runs down my spine and I start to get goosebumps.

“Something...took her...down the well?”

Sota nods, then hugs his mother.

“We got a flashlight and looked down into the well, but she isn't down there at all. She’s...disappeared”, she cries silently while holding Sota.

“L-let me take a look” I say.

Sota hands me the flashlight.

I slowly walk over to the well and turn on the flashlight.

I’m so terrified, but I need to help Kagome.

I look over the well with the flashlight in hand.

At first I see nothing, I can barely even see the ground at the bottom of the well. I scooch in a little bit deeper and put my right leg in the air to help get my head get deeper.

Buyo, being the mischief maker he is, decides to hop on top of my head and jump right off. Which made me lose my balance and fall straight into the well.

In an instant I found myself, falling face, first into the well.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” I close my eyes and shout in terror. I wait for the harsh impact but instead, strange lights start to go off.

I open my eyes, only to notice that I’m in some kind of lava lamp trance.

I felt as if I was falling into water but I could still breathe.

“What...what the hell is this?” I say to myself.

This lasts for about a few seconds, then I land safely on the ground but my legs wobble and I fall over.

“What was that?” I pant steadily, trying to comprehend what just went on.

I look around to see that I indeed did fall down the well.

I hoist myself up by grabbing on to the wall of the well.

“Sota!?” No response.

“Ms. Higurashi?!” Still no response.

I see vines leading up the wall and think of an idea.

“As long as the vines don’t break, I can use them to get out of here!” I put the flashlight that Sota gave me in my backpack and start climbing the leafy vines.

As I make my way to the top I begin to hear chirping and see nothing but the blue sky, odd.

When I finally make it to the top I hoist myself over and land on...grass?

“Woah” I take a look at my new surrounding

I am in a beautiful forest, butterflies fly gingerly all over as bird chirp in the trees.

‘W-where am I? What is this place? Where’s the shrine?!’ a whole bunch of thoughts run through my head, mostly thoughts of it being that something demonic or magical has happened to me and that I would be lost here forever!

“Okay stop freaking out ________! It isn’t going to help the situation, I just need to find someone and ask them where I am. you think that Kagome could of wound here too?  Maybe I can find her and we can find a way back home...yeah let’s go with that”. I start to wander the woods to see if I can find anyone or Kagome. After about what seems like hours, I decide to sit down under a giant, shaded tree.

“Boy, this forest is huge. Someone can surely get lost in here…” A crow is heard.

“I guess that me”.

I sigh.

‘Will I...ever get home?’ I start tearing up at the thought of getting lost in the woods and dying, never to return home.

“YOU THERE!” A voice screeches out.

“Hm?” I look in the direction of where the voice came from, only to find a little, green, toad-like creature  holding a staff with two shrunken heads on it.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! What are you?!” I panic.

“A demon of course, you stupid-” Before the green creature could finish his sentence, I kicked him and he went flying into a tree.

“Erg! Why did you do that!?!” He shouts angrily.

“Because you said you were a demon, duh!” I yell.

“You wretch! I was going to ask you something! Haven’t your parents ever told you to respect your elders?!” He yells.

“What? I don’t even know you!”

“I am Jaken! Follower of the great, fearsome warrior, Lord Sesshomaru!” He cries out. “I’m looking for him right now, have you seen him?”

“Lord..Sesshomaru? Who's that?” I ask.

“Heh, why do I even bother asking a human. You humans do not know of his greatness!” He cries out again enthusiastically.

“Yeah well anyway can you tell me where I am? I’m trying to get back to Tokyo” I say not really caring about this Sesshomaru person.

“Toe- Tokyo? Never heard of it” Jaken says.

“What? You’re kidding right?”

“I do am not the ‘kidding’ woman!” The imp yells angrily.

“Well have you seen a girl with long black hair, brown eyes and is wearing the same uniform as I am? Her name is Kagome and I’m looking for her”

“NO!” He yells.

“Boy, you have a lot of anger issues don’t you?” I deadpan.

Jaken looks at me with anger and annoyance clearly written on his face.

“So do you mind telling me where I am? Your clothes look like you’re trying to cosplay someone from the Feudal Era”

“You nitwit! We are in the Feudal Era!” He says.

I gasp.

‘No. There’s no way I can be in the Feudal Era...can I? How is that even possible?’

“I’ve had enough of you’re useless babbling! I need to find Lord Sesshomaru!” Jaken begins to walk away angrily.

I start having a feeling that it would be safer to be with Jaken, seeing as how he seems to know this place a lot better than me and being a demon and all. Plus I really don’t know much about the Feudal Era and don’t want to be alone.

“Hey wait!” I catch up to him.

“What is it now human?”

“Quit calling me human! I have a name and it's ___________! And I’m gonna help you find this Sesshomaru guy but you also have to help me find my friend, okay?”

Jaken hits my head with his staff.

“Ow!” I hold the throbbing spot on my head.

“You shall refer him to ‘LORD’ you got that missy!?” He yells.

“Geez! For a little, green shrimp like you, you are so bossy!”

Jaken raises his staff again to strike.

“Um just kidding!” I put my hands up defensively and nervously laugh.

“Hmph! That's more like it!” He smiles and starts to walk away.


I begin to walk with Jaken in the enchanted forest. I mean if it wasn’t an enchanted forest I wouldn’t have found this green, little guy right?

“So what does Lord Sesshomaru look like Jaken?” I ask.

“He looks like greatness!” His eyes sparkle with admiration.

“Um can you be more specific?”

“He is a great, powerful inu youkai! Son of the legendary, Inu no Taishō!”

“Uh okay? Well where do you think he could of gone off to?”

“Lord Sesshomaru had a fight with his younger, half-demon brother Inuyasha over a sword called the Tessaiga that was originally their father’s. In that fight, Lord Sesshomaru’s left arm was chopped off by Inuyasha. So he is now looking for a substitute arm so he may go back and fight Inuyasha for the Tessaiga”.

“And they’re supposed to be brothers? Geez!”

“I know it’s a true sibling rivalry!”

“So Inuyasha is Lord Sesshomaru’s brother but is a half-demon? How can this be?”

“Lord Sesshomaru’s mother and father were together but then his father started to have feelings for a human woman which led to them having Inuyasha”.

“Dang, so how did Lord Sesshomaru’s mother and him take it?”

“Well I’m not to sure how his mother took it but Lord Sesshomaru hates Inuyasha and humans very much”

I stop walking.

Jaken stops too.

“What’s wrong?” He asks nervously.

“I’m a human”.


“He is not going to like me!” I scream at the imp.

“Oh yes, of course!” Jaken chuckles.

“Well when were you going to tell me? When he kills me?!”

“Uh maybe?” Jaken says shyly.

I bonk him on the head. “Thanks a lot Jaken!”

“Ow! Curse you, you foul human!” He says sadly while rubbing his head.

“My name is _______! Not human!” I look at him angrily.

“Well look __________, I’ll convince Lord Sesshomaru not to harm you. I have been his faithful henchman for many years, there’s no way he could deny my request after all these years”.

I look at him quizzically. “Promise?”

“I promise! Nothing can go wrong!” He says quite proud of himself.  

I look at the smiling imp before me.

‘For such a bossy, demanding shrimp like him, I actually like him. I know he’s nice but he doesn’t show it. I hope he’s right about convincing Sesshomaru or I’ll be dead meat’

“Alright, I believe you Jaken” I smile brightly.

“Ugh humans…” He whispers under his breath.

“So Jaken, mind telling me more about this Sessh- I mean Lord Sesshomaru”

“Ah! Very well, it all started when…”

Jaken went on and on about how he met Sesshomaru and his glorious battles that he had. It seems to me that Sesshomaru has a big ego and isn’t very talkative. He also seems very regal due to wanting to rule his father’s western land and powerful due to all of his battles.

Soon after hours of talking with Jaken, it started to get dark and I was also exhausted.

“It’s getting pretty dark we should make camp here” Jaken says.

When he says that I completely fall on my knees and lay on the ground.

“Thank god…” I say into the dirt.

“Heh humans are such weaklings” He begins to get fire wood to make a campfire.

I was so tired and didn’t feel like getting up to hit Jaken for his comment against humans.

I start to feel myself getting sleepy so I take off my backpack and grab my favorite pink blanket. I put it over me and scooch over to the nearest tree. I watch Jaken pile up wood and then use his staff of two heads to put it on fire.

‘Woah I didn’t know it could do that...thank god I didn’t bother him too much or he would've fried me up…’

Jaken then sits down near a tree and stares into the fire, I catch him shiver a bit. I know his pride won’t let him ask for help from me because I’m a human so I get up and sit next to him.

“Human what are you-” Before he can finish his sentence, I wrap some of my blanket over him.

Jaken is speechless, but I can see a little blush form on his green cheeks.

“Good night Jaken…” I say and gingerly close my eyes..

But before I actually fall asleep, I hear Jaken say  “Good Night...________”.

I smile and soundly go to sleep.


“Lord Sesshomaru please reconsider!” Jaken screams out.

I wake up due to Jaken’s loud screaming. I find Jaken begging on the ground in front of a tall, white haired man. His armour, regal appearance, and powerful aura makes me believe he is in fact Lord Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru looks directly at me.

Sesshomaru has fair skin with pointy ears and waist-length white hair with short bangs. He has a crescent moon on his forehead, two stripes on each cheek, and a magenta stripe on each eyelid. But his eyes, his beautiful amber eyes, that’s what stuck out to me the most. No one’s eyes can be that beautiful.

‘He’s...handsome? Wow, I can’t believe I think that a demon is good looking’ I think to myself.

Looking into his eyes sent me into a trance, so I didn’t notice that Sesshomaru was up close to my face until he says:

“Human, Jaken says that you wish to devote yourself to me”

I blush due to the close proximity.

‘His voice is so deep and...attractive…wait, he said what?!’

“Woah, woah, woah! I didn’t say that! I somehow ended up in this era from a well. And then I wandered this forest and found him. Jaken asked me if I had seen you, and I didn’t, so I decided to help him if he helped me find my friend because I think she ended up here as well. Her name is Kagome, she has long black hair, brown eyes and wears the same outfit I do”.

Sesshomaru looks me up and down.

“I come from a different time and don’t understand this place. If you could please, please help me to find my friend I will be forever grateful!” I bow my head to show respect to Lord Sesshomaru.

I peek up to see him just looking at me without saying anything.  

I sigh.

“And I...will be completely devoted to you…” I blush.

Sesshomaru nods, quite satisfied.

“I detest you humans but you shall follow us for the mean time until you find your friend”. He turns away and begins to walk away.

“Um...what just happened?” I ask Jaken.

“I talked to Lord Sesshomaru into letting you follow us”.

“You mean more like begged him” I deadpan.

“Oh shut it!” He yelled.

I followed Sesshomaru and Jaken for what seems like a week now. When Jaken first told me that Sesshomaru hated humans, I was a bit scared to be in his presence but after being with him for days, he’s not so bad. Well he just doesn’t say anything to me, he orders Jaken around a lot and then hits him if he doesn’t follow his order. It’s actually pretty funny to be honest. And if we ever run into any demons, Sesshomaru cuts them down with ease. The demons at first scared me but once Sesshomaru destroyed them I thought it was pretty cool! I feel super safe being with Sesshomaru then being with just Jaken. Jaken said that Sesshomaru was finding a substitute arm to defeat his younger brother with and steal back his father's sword, The Tessaiga. Right now we were heading...actually right now I don’t know where the hell we are going.

I was sitting on top of A-Un while Sesshomaru and Jaken walked ahead of me. I’m glad A-Un is here or I would collapse with all the walking.

All of a sudden I start to smell smoke.

We keep walking to find a village completely on fire.

I gasp. “This is terrible! What could have happened here?”

Grown men in armour on top of horses were trotting our way, they were laughing too.

“We got lots of riches from this village!” One of the men say.

“Yes! We shall be dining well tonight!” Another one says.

They all stop once they see us.

“Well look what we have here boys a beautiful woman to have our way with!” The leader says.

“Ew! You wish asshole!” I say in disgust.

‘These men just killed that whole village and want their way with me?! Ugh disgusting!’

“Ooh! Feisty too! I like that in a woman! And look that man has armour that we can take, it looks expensive, let’s take him out men!” The leader says.

I turn to look at Sesshomaru but he was already walking away.

“Go away you nasty pigs!” I yell and start to walk away with Sesshomaru.

I then hear the men charge towards us. I got scared, but didn’t scream, I know Sesshomaru would kill them like he did all other enemies. Sesshomaru lifted his left arm that had a demon substitute hand. He clicked it’s fingers and his eyes grew red. Seeing him like this gave me chills. Before I knew it, Sesshomaru had killed them all in one swoop.

“Once again you made quick work of them, very impressive master! I must say slaying that blue demon earlier and using his arm was a splendid idea!” Jaken says happily.

“Open your eyes fool” Sesshomaru casts aside the demon’s arm on the ground near Jaken.

Jaken and I gasp.

“This arm has already been rendered useless”

“Oh dear that didn’t last very long” Jaken says.

The arm begins to twitch. “Eek!” I scream and kick the thing.

“_________ pipe down!” Jaken yells.

“I’m sorry but it twitched!” I cry. Jaken walks toward the arm and inspects it, but it takes a hold of Jaken.

“Ahhh! Hold on Jaken!” I yell and try to help Jaken get out of the demon's grasp.

“Go find me a more suitable demon and bring me back his arm, no that if you don’t, I will have to kill you” Sesshomaru begins to walk away.

Jaken and I look at Sesshomaru, then begin to panic as we struggle against the the demon arm.

“Release me at once!” Jaken screams and hits the thing with his staff. Luckily the hand let Jaken go from its grasp. We kicked it away and just as we did, the arm began to disintegrate. YUCK!

“Even if I am provided with another arm, it shall also be useless after a short period” Sesshomaru says.

“A vexing problem isn’t it?” A voice says.

We all look turn to see a man wearing a baboon mask, sitting on the side of the dirt road. I start having bad thoughts about this man, like he shouldn’t be trusted.

Jaken cowers in fear behind Sesshomaru’s leg, I would do it too if I wanted a death wish. I just gulped my fear and stood by Sesshomaru’s side.

“If I am not mistaken, you are the elder brother of Inuyasha, Lord Sesshomaru, are you not?” the creepy man says.

“What do you want? Should I know you?” Sesshomaru says.

“I am someone like yourself, who despises Inuyasha” He says in disgust at Inuyasha’s name.

I get shivers down my spine.  ‘This guy is no good! I can tell! Sesshomaru, please just walk away! Oh who am I kidding! He won’t listen to me!’

“Forgive me but I happen to overhear your conversation just now” the weird man lifts up a dead human arm, “Perhaps I can be of assistance, might I suggest that you employ this arm?”

‘Ok, where the hell did he get this arm!? This guy is bad news! Come on guys, we need to go! NOW!’ I scream internally.

“Have you lost your senses!? Clearly that is the arm of a human!” Jaken screeches.

“Aw man, I think I’m gonna hurl…” I whisper under by breath.

“Clearly this arm belonged to a mortal but imbedded in it is a shard of the Shikon Jewel” The man says.

“Shikon Jewel?” I say.

“Should you choose to employ this arm, the jewel shard will enable you to wield the Tessaiga, Inuyasha’s fable sword. The Sword is known to work for the benefit of man, at present a demon such as yourself would be unable to touch the tessaiga”

“You mentioned something about you despising Inuyasha, tell me, do you intend to use me to exact your revenge?”

“Yes” the strange man answers.

Jaken gets flustered angrily. “How dare you exploit my master in such a manner-” But he stops at once when Sesshomaru says:

“Sounds interesting, I shall accept the arm from you”.

“Master please reconsider!” Jaken screeches.

“Yeah!” I chime in with Jaken.

Sesshomaru looks at me in a way of telling me to hush and not talk. After being with him for a few days I got the jist of understanding his facial features. It wasn’t easy either.

“Oh and one other thing” the man pulls out a ball looking thing “take this hive, you should be able to make good use of it, with certainty”.

Sesshomaru takes the hive out of the man’s hand.

“A hive? Is it full of bees or something?” I ask.

The man begins chuckle, but it feels so eery like.

“This is the hive of the Saimyosho, the insects of hell” He says.

More shivers run down my spine. “Creepy…” I whisper.

“I should know the name of the one I make a pact with” Sesshomaru states.

“My apologies, call me Naraku” He smirks under his mask.

“Very well Naraku, you have yourself a deal” Sesshomaru smirks.

‘Uh-oh! This isn’t good! I have a very bad feeling about all this...’

Sesshomaru takes the human arm and puts it on. When I turn to look at the Naraku guy, he is gone.

“Woah where did he go?” I get a bit terrified, that guy was even scarier than Sesshomaru.

“_________!” Sesshomaru's voice booms


“Let’s get moving” Sesshomaru begins to walk away, but the bad feeling in my gut doesn’t. I run up to Sesshomaru and keep my mouth shut about all the bad thoughts running through my head.

Save Me... Chapter 2
Hey guys!! Here's the next chapter of my Sesshomaru X Reader story! OMG MOAR POEMS! 

The conversation between Sesshomaru and Naraku I got from watching the episode just to let you all know! I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS FROM INUYASHA OR THE CONVERSATION BETWEEN SESSHOMARU AND NARAKU! 

Trying not to get sued.....    Onion Boy 6 Foxy Emoticon Chasing - Five Nights at Freddy's 

Anyway I hope you liked this chapter and the story~ I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! Blow kiss Are You Happy :happy: 

A Sesshomaru X Reader story

'    ' is what thinking
"    "  is talking

******************* YOUR POV **********************

Pain, that’s all I could feel right now.

My arms feel like they’re being torn off, but I hold on to Rin’s hands with all the strength I have. She’s dangling off the side of the cliff, completely unconscious. Sesshomaru battles fiercely against Jakotsu in the background. Suikotsu lays on the ground, he screamed while holding his head in pain and then fainted right after he knocked Rin out and clawed my stomach which was bleeding out very quickly. I started to feel a bit dizzy and lightheaded, blood oozes out of my mouth. My fingers start slipping. I snap out of the daze and quickly tighten my hands around her smaller ones. I whimper a bit from the pain due to the sudden movement.

Jakotsu began to laugh maniacally.

“What’s wrong Sesshomaru? Are you so concerned with your human lover and human child that you can’t fight like a man?!” He yells out.

Sesshomaru growls angrily, and looks utterly pissed.


I turn my head slightly to my right side and see Jaken running as fast as his little demon legs could carry him.

“Jaken?” I whisper.

“I’m here to help you! Let’s pull Rin up, ok?”

I nod and use all my strength to pull Rin up with Jaken. It doesn’t work at first, but after a few more times of trying we both managed to get her up.

“GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!” I cried out from the pain and landed on my back.

'It hurts to much just to move...'

Sesshomaru bolted in my direction but was stopped due to Jakotsu’s weapon, Jakotsutō.

“Hang on to your head or I’ll wamp it off!” Jakotsu laughs.

Jaken runs over to my side, “__________!”.

A few tears begin to stream down my face.

I turn to my head to the side to look at Sesshomaru.

He looks at me with the his unemotional face expression that he always has, except this time, there’s something off in his amber eyes. Almost as if he is...worried?

Another throb of pain hits me and I groan.

‘I...I...I’m in so much...pain...Lord Sesshomaru...please...’

I close my eyes and relax my body.

My breathing starts to slow down…

I feel...sleepy?...

...How…did… this?...

How did...this...all start?...

Save Me... Chapter 1
Hey guys! I've actually been working on this one awhile back and decided hey, why don't I post this up huh? I hope you enjoyed reading this, I know it's short but I wanted to set the mood for this one. I actually have the next chapter done, I just need to review it and fix any problems I see so this one should be updated really soon. OMG MOAR POEMS! Ene (Smile) [V7] 

Also I wanted to tell you guys that I'm behind on updating my other stories, like my Ciel X Reader and Kyoya x Reader. I'm really sorry everyone. My co-worker/ friend, just moved to LA and I've been depressed these few days. I've been laying in bed all day, crying until I fall asleep and walking around like a lifeless zombie. I liked him. Like I really, really liked him, I guess maybe even loved him, and I never told him because of the fear of being rejected.
I'm getting a bit better, watching Steven helps lol  Steven Quartz Universe Emote 8 

Anyway I just wanted to let you guys know why my other stories haven't updated as quickly as this one will and I promise I'll update my other stories quickly because...


Stay tuned for more! Steven Universe Lion (Shaking Head) 

Also thank you, if it wasn't for you guys I would be...boring? Lol! So Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] happy cry XD 

Next chapter:…

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Ok everyone that sees this post, I dare you to post a picture of your favorite anime and a brief description of what it is!!!!

I need some ideas of what anime I should watch next and I can make some fanfics out of it to!

It would help a lot please because I just finished Future Diary and my life is meaningless now ^_^

That and I don't want you guys to do something bad like, egg a house that you hate and then post it xD

Thank you!! Love you all!!! Thank You Birthday Sign 


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I'm 16 years old, and I really like to play black ops 2 on my ps3
Please feel free to ask for my gamer tag, if you want to be destroyed (:<

I also really love Fusion Fall!! BEST.GAME.EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Never played it? Well, if you love old cartoons and some new cartoons from Cartoon Network, then this game is perfect for you ^_^

I'm really lazy, but will do anything if it involves Anime or Manga. Lol i'm a neeeeeeeeeeeeerd when it comes to that stuff :D

Favorite Person:
BEYOND BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :iconhearticon:

I mean I know he killed aaaaaaaaaaand has a weird cleaning problem. When you look at his past, you can't help but feel sorry for him :(

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