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Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that I will be updating all my stories VERY soon and that I am very sorry for not updating sooner! I'm sorry that I haven't updated when I should have, I know some of you hate me for leaving you at some awful cliffhangers (trust me I know how that feels and I feel like an ass for doing that to you guys onion sad  ) but I'm here to change that. Please be patient with me because I want to make the these stories the best you've ever read! Squeesh 

P.S I'm really, REALLY sorry! Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 
Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that I will be updating all my stories VERY soon and that I am very sorry for not updating sooner! I'm sorry that I haven't updated when I should have, I know some of you hate me for leaving you at some awful cliffhangers (trust me I know how that feels and I feel like an ass for doing that to you guys onion sad  ) but I'm here to change that. Please be patient with me because I want to make the these stories the best you've ever read! Squeesh 

P.S I'm really, REALLY sorry! Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 
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"   " means talking

'     '   means thinking

Hey guys I don't know if you know it yet but Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka are actually Kagome's friends in the Anime/Manga. I decided to put you in that little click, for humor sake haha! Just thought I should let you know because I don't want you guys to just be like who the heck are those people anyway. Anyway on with the story!

                             ~~~~~~~~~~~ YOUR POV ~~~~~~~~~~~


‘Ugh will this class ever end?’ I rest my head on my desk and shield myself from the light in the classroom.

It’s been one month and two weeks since I’ve returned from the Feudal Era with Kagome. Her family greeted me back with hugs and food, I was completely grateful to them. They were basically my second family ever since my parents had passed away. It happened about five years ago, they were driving to go help my sister with some marriage issues. When they were driving home they got into an car accident with a drunk driver, luckily they caught the man and he was sentenced to jail. After their funeral, I moved in into my sister's house which was lucky to be down the street from Kagome’s house. I miss them everyday but I know they are in a better place now.

I raise my head up a bit and look around. Almost the whole class was either asleep or they were doodling in their journals.

I sigh and start doodling in my journal too.

‘Life was so much more exciting and fun in the Feudal Era...I wonder how Lord Sesshomaru is doing....’ I continue to draw in the journal.

‘What am I thinking!? He’s a demon! I’m a human! HE HATES HUMANS! If I stayed any longer by his side he would've killed me! I can’t like him!’ I look down at my journal to notice that I wrote Sesshomaru’s name all over the page.

I blush fiercely.

“UGH!! WHY?!” I yell out when the teacher was discussing homework.

“Ms. ________! You get homework everyday! It’s one of the things we do here at school so get used to it! Now be quiet!” The teacher yells at me and starts to pass the homework out. I say nothing and slink down into chair as some of my classmates start to snicker at me.

‘ugh just another day in paradise...’

I rip out the page from my journal and wade the paper into a ball. The bell rings and signals us to go home. On my way out I throw the paper ball into the trash can.

I pass by a whole bunch students in the courtyard just talking among friends, but I pay them no mind. My only attention is to get home and lay on my bed.


‘Eh maybe not’ I stop and turn around to see Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka.

“Hey guys what’s up?” I smile.

“Have you heard about Kagome?” Ayumi says lowly.

“What about Kagome?”

“She has a rare disease called Mitosolocaria! It’s so serious that she has to stay home for 2 months and can’t be in contact with anyone” Ayumi says.

I blink a few times. “Mitosolocaria?” I ask, not believing any of this.

“It’s true! Her mom talked to the school already!” Yuka says.

“Well that’s terrible, poor Kagome. I hope she will get better soon.” I say.  'I'm sure that's not a real disease but whatever, I'm not gonna blow Kagome's cover'.

“We were thinking about getting her some stuff to help her get better, you know? Do you want to come with us?” Eri asks.

“Uh yeah sure!” I smile.

“Awesome! Let’s go!” Yuka marches through the gates of the school, Eri and Ayumi walk behind her and start talking to each other. I stay all the way in the back and get lost in my thoughts.

‘I know that doing this is pointless but I don’t want to rat out Kagome and tell them the truth. I mean if I did, I don’t think they’ll believe me at all. It’s crazy to believe that a well is actually a portal to the Feudal Era, I mean I didn’t believe it myself until I met Jaken. Oh man, I miss Jaken and his little attitude! He was such a meanie but underneath that cold heart he was a sweetheart...well he never showed it but I can tell that with a little more work he can be nice. I’d love to just go back and-!’

I stop walking.

‘Am I...Am I really thinking of going back? I-I mean being in the Feudal Era I felt… scared but it was thrilling too. I mean sure I was a bit terrified there but being here is a bit boring, not to mention depressing and stressful, and the thrill over there was just amazing! And that fight against Inuyasha and Sesshomaru was totally action packed, it was super cool! Even if I almost, I must be crazy saying that…’ I sweat drop.

‘Sesshomaru...that’s another reason I would like to go back for…’ I blush at the thought.

“________, you okay? You look a bit red” Ayumi says, bringing me out of my thoughts.

“O-oh yeah sorry! I was thinking about what homework I had to do and if I left something in my locker!” I laugh nervously and scratched the back of my head.

“Well do you want to go back and check?” Yuka asks.

“No no, I think I’m good” I laugh and we continue to walk towards one of the pharmacy stores on the corner of the street.

“I was about to say that you hardly do your homework anyway” Eri says nonchalantly.

They all laugh except me.

“Hey! That’s not funny! Sometimes I get really sleepy!” I yell, frustrated.

They all burst into an overload of laughter, I just smile and join in.

We enter the pharmacy store and go our separate ways to look around. I went straight to the soup aisle to get some chicken soup but then I started to think about going to the Feudal Era.

‘ I really want to go but I can’t miss a whole bunch of days without an excuse...Well maybe since Kagome’s mom lied for her then she can lie for me too! Yeah! I mean I can ask her to say that I caught Kagome’s illness and that I am now infected. I’d have to also call my sister as well. Since I fell in the well, Kagome’s mother went to go tell my sister what happened. My sister went beserk and thought Mrs. Higurashi was lying and was about to call the police until Kagome and I popped out of the well with a glowing aura behind us.

She was convinced after that (cue smirk).

‘I can fake an illness so I can go to the Feudal Era, just like Kagome! I should buy a few things for the trip then’

I get some instant ramen, a few potato chips, some pocky and a few cold drinks.

‘Hm I should get shampoo, conditioner and body wash...'

I grab the small little shampoos and conditioners that you get for traveling, and a small body wash.

“________! You know we are here for Kagome, not for you to go shopping!” Yuka yells at me.

“E-eh sorry! I thought since I’m already here I can buy a few things for home!” I laugh.

I go and pick a few cans of chicken soup and a card that says get well soon on it with a cute, fuzzy bear holding a red balloon.

We all go pay for our stuff, Ayumi and Yuka went all out to buy Kagome a ton of get well soon stuff, while Eri and I just kept it casual. We all start heading towards Kagome's house and begin walking up the steps.

‘...I fudging hate her stairs!’

By the time we all get up there, we were exhausted! We all catch our breath, then begin to walk to Kagome’s front door and ring the bell.

Kagome’s mother opens the door.

“Oh! Eri, Yuka, Ayumi and _________! It’s wonderful to see you girls, what are you doing here?” She asks.

“Hello Ms. Higurashi! We just heard that Kagome has a rare disease and we wanted to bring some stuff to help her feel better!” Ayumi smiles.

“Ah! T-that’s very nice of you girls to do that for Kagome! I really appreciate it and I think she will too!” Ms. Higurashi smiles.

We all hand her our items to Ms. Higurashi.

‘I know the girls are going to want to hang out after this, I need to make up a lie so I can go to the Feudal Era…’

“Well we’ll be on our way then. Can you please tell Kagome that we’ll miss her at school and to give us a call to let us know when she’s okay?” Ayumi asks.

“Of course dears, and thank you again for the items!” She smiles.

We bow and start to leave, until Sota runs up to the door yelling my name.

“Eh? What’s up Sota?” I ask.

“You know a lot about gaming consoles right?”

“Yeah a little, do you need help with yours?” I smile.

“Yeah my ps2”

“Oh okay , um I’ll see you guys tomorrow then” I wave to Eri, Ayumi and Yuka.

‘Yes! This is perfect now I can ask Ms. Higurashi if I can go to the Feudal Era! Thank you Sota, you’re a lifesaver!’

“Ok see you!” Ayumi

“Bye_______!” Yuka smiles and waves.

“Later.” Eri gives me a peace sign and they all walk away.

Once they’re all out of earshot I turn to look at Ms. Higurashi.

“Ms. Higurashi? Kagome’s not really sick is she? She’s just went to the Feudal Era didn’t she?”

“Yep” She deadpans.

“Knew it” we both start to laugh.

I go into the house and help Sota with his console trouble and once I’m done helping Sota, I decide to give my sister a call.

“_________? Where are you?” My sister panics.

“Cool it Sis, I’m at Kagome’s” I say.

“Oh okay-wait you’re not going into the well again are you?”


“Oh no, ________ don’t!”

“But I want too! I’ll admit it was scary at first but it then I started to have fun!”

“_______, you need to be thinking about school not going on an adventure to a different time period! What do you think mom and dad-

“They would of let me go like they let you go travel the world at nineteen!”


“Mom and dad wanted us to be happy right?”


“So why can’t you let me be happy? ...Don’t you want me to be happy?”

“I do...I just don’t want you to get hurt...I don’t want to loose any more loved ones…”

“I’ll be fine, when have I ever lied to you?”

My sister growls over the phone.

I nervously chuckle but my sister begins to laugh too.

“Alright, you can go but just be careful and try not to miss a lot of classes please?”

My heart bursts with joy. “Yeah! Yeah! Okay well I gotta go! See you soon! Bye!”

I pump my fists in the air once I'm done calling my sister.

I go into the Kitchen to find Ms. Higurashi cooking food.

“Um Ms. Higurashi?” I try to grab her attention.

“Yes ________ dear?” She answers but continues to look at the food she’s cooking.

“I was hoping would lie for me that I have Kagome’s illness so I can go to the Feudal Era!” I say rapidly to get it over with.

She looks at me. “um, what?”

I take a deep breath. “I was hoping that you could tell everyone that I caught Kagome’s illness so I can go to the Feudal Era”.

“Now honey why would you want to do that?”

I start to fidget my fingers. “Well...I actually miss being in the Feudal Era. It was so...thrilling and fun. I was thinking to go back for awhile but couldn’t think of a way how...that is until I thought that I could do the same thing as Kagome. I already spoke to my sister and she said it was alright, you can give her a call if you'd like”

She looks at me for a few seconds.

“Are you sure that’s what you really want?” She asks in all seriousness.

“...Yes ma’am…” I say confidently sure of what I want to do.

She sighs.

“If this is what you really want...then I’ll help you _______, I’ll give your sister a call to discuss your fake illness…”

“Ah! Thank you so much Ms. Higurashi! Thank you! Thank you!” I hug her tightly.

She laughs. “Alright, alright! Just be careful okay, you and Kagome!”

“I will!” I smile brightly.

“Oh and you should probably leave your school stuff in the guest room, to make room for your stuff that you’ll need to bring into the Feudal Era. Just look around the house on stuff you’ll need to bring dear.”

“Thank you Ms. Higurashi!” I smile brightly.

“If you are going to the Feudal Era you are going to need this _________” Someone says behind me.

I turn around to find Kagome’s grandpa holding a shriveled up lizard thing and a katana that had a belt strap attached to it.

“Eh-what’s this for?” I ask as I take the katana.

“The Feudal Era is a dangerous place. Kagome uses her bow and arrows, so you’ll need these to keep you safe as well”

I look at the shriveled up lizard, Kagome says she always got things like that from her Grandpa and that she would just give it to her cat.

Buyo actually snatched the lizard out of my hand and ran away with it.

“AAAAAAH! THE HOLY ZILO!! BUYO GIVE IT BACK!!!” Kagome’s grandpa went chasing Buyo for the lizard.

Ms. Higurashi begins to laugh at the scene.

“Thank you very much!” I bow and run towards the shrine, but not before I get my backpack from Sota’s room.

“Hey __________, where you going so fast?” Sota asks from pausing his game.

“I’m going to the feudal era and I need my backpack! See ya later Sota!” I wave goodbye.

“Ok! Be careful and tell my sister I said hi!” He smiles and then continues to play his video


I close his door and quickly run up to the spare guest room that they have. I take all of my school stuff out and start to put in the stuff that I bought from pharmacy store. I grab a blanket from the closet and put my mp3 player in the backpack too. I also sneaked into Kagome’s room to um... “borrow” some of her clothes.

‘I don’t think she’ll mind at all’ I think.

Once I finished packing, I put on my backpack and tie the belt with the sword, and run out to the Shrine. I open the door and it creaks open. I shiver.

“It looks so creepy in here…” I walk down the steps and go near the well.

I look into it.

“Better go now before I chicken out”.

I hop into the well.

I close my eyes when I jumped in but I open my eyes and see that I am in a blue and purple lava like trance again. I relax under the trance and land softly on ground. I look up to see that I’m in the well and begin to climb up the well wall. Once I get to the top a strong breeze hits me, I close my eyes and sigh.

“Mhm, I really love this fresh air” I hop out of the well and look at my surrounding, I look up at the sky and see smoke. “Kaede’s Village must be that way!” I start to run in the direction of the smoke. I push past a few branches and stumble on some rocks but I manage to find my way to Kaede’s Village.

A few of the villagers wave to me and say good morning, I smile and say good morning. I ask one of the villagers where I could find Kaede and then they led me to her hut. I enter Kaede’s home.

“Hello? Lady Kaede?” I call out.

“Ah! _________, it is good to see ye my dear, what are ye doin here?”

“I-I wanted to come back and help Kagome…” I say.

'What really made me want to come back? I thought it was for adventure, to not be bored or depressed back home, but...I think there’s another reason that made me want to come back…'

“Well dearie, Kagome and the others left a few minutes ago that way” She points north. “But-"

“Ah! Really? I can run and catch up to them! Thank you Kaede!” But before Kaede says anything I run out of the hut and head north.

Kaede blinks a few times and then continues to do whatever she was doing.


                                                                     ***** Minutes Later ******

I stop running and try to catch my breath.

“Dear lord *pant* I think I’ve been *pant* running for *pant* hours…” I take slow breaths to regain my composure.

“If they left minutes before I got here, I would of catched up to them by now. How can they be so fast?!” I kick the ground in anger.

“I just have to keep going this way but who knows when I’ll catch up with them...I guess I can play music while I walk” I start to dig into my backpack to fetch my mp3 player and earbuds. I turn on my mp3, plug my earbuds in and begin to play some of my favorite songs.

I sing along to the lyrics of the song and walk along the path ahead of me, not really giving my attention to my surrounding. I was so lost in my music that I did notice a band of blood-thirsty demons that were hiding in the shadows of the trees.

I looked behind me when I got the feeling I was being watched, nothing.

I take one earbud out, just in case I need to hear if anyone is coming.

“Calm down ________, you’re just being a little paranoid. I know it can be nerve racking, especially when you’re alone... in unknown territory... alone…

I shiver. “ It’s gonna be okay, I just need to catch up to Kagome and Inuyasha!” I smile confidently.

A twig snaps.

My eyes widen and I turn towards the direction of the noise. “I know you’re, come out!” I yell, my sword already in my hand.

The band of Demons begin to slowly come out of there hiding spots.

“Well, well what’s a delicious looking human like yourself doing out in these parts?” The leader of the Demon says while the other demons snicker.

‘Ah! There’s 5 of them and they’re big! I’m out numbered, by strength and numbers...I need to run away’

“Tsk!” I put my sword back in it’s case and hall ass!

“Come back here!” The leader yells and they begin to chase me.

I run into the forest, hoping that I could loose them or at least be able to hide somewhere.

The demons roar.


The demons laugh as they start getting closer.

My eyes begin to water.

‘Is I’ll die? Being gobbled and ripped to shreds by demons?’

I panic and start to cry, making it hard for me to see where I am going.

‘Can no one...can me?’

Save Me... Chapter 4
Hey guys! Just letting you know that the next story that I'm gonna update will be my Beyond Birthday X Reader! Then after I update that story I will update my season 2 Ciel X Reader! After that I don't know which one I'll update, I'll have too see. Three emoty Tower 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this chapter of my Sesshomaru x Reader!!! Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ 

Stay tuned for the next chapter! :jumpingjacks: 

LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Ene (Smile) [V7] Smile Miguel 
IT'S MY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! 1st Emoticon: Happy Birthday       Free Birthday Icon     Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D  Happy Birthday Godliek :D   Happy Birthday Grin  Birthday - NaNoEmo - day 21   Furry Birthday Hello MenInASuitcase 

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!  Sini Birthday  happy DA B-day :3    :cakerun:    :piratejig:    Happy Birthday Sini   Hide Birthday Emote  Lily Wishing a Happy Birthday   LightningYayz for Kalvanas 

Ok everyone that sees this post, I dare you to post a picture of your favorite anime and a brief description of what it is!!!!

I need some ideas of what anime I should watch next and I can make some fanfics out of it to!

It would help a lot please because I just finished Future Diary and my life is meaningless now ^_^

That and I don't want you guys to do something bad like, egg a house that you hate and then post it xD

Thank you!! Love you all!!! Thank You Birthday Sign 


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Hiya! I'm selena! Nice too meet you ^_^ <3

I would like to start by saying to all those pedophiles out there to know that your sick
to hit on little girls, you deserve to die, and if you try that on me, I will key your shit.

I'm 16 years old, and I really like to play black ops 2 on my ps3
Please feel free to ask for my gamer tag, if you want to be destroyed (:<

I also really love Fusion Fall!! BEST.GAME.EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Never played it? Well, if you love old cartoons and some new cartoons from Cartoon Network, then this game is perfect for you ^_^

I'm really lazy, but will do anything if it involves Anime or Manga. Lol i'm a neeeeeeeeeeeeerd when it comes to that stuff :D

Favorite Person:
BEYOND BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :iconhearticon:

I mean I know he killed aaaaaaaaaaand has a weird cleaning problem. When you look at his past, you can't help but feel sorry for him :(

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