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June 17, 2013
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You arrived at the front doorsteps of Tamaki’s Place. You guessed that everyone would already be there since it was 5:10. You told John that you would call him so that he may come and pick you up. He bowed and drove off with the limo. You went up the stairs and rang the doorbell.

You were greeted with a group hug from all the males that were yelling your name. Once they were done, you went to give Haruhi a bear hug. Her expression was priceless!

You all followed Tamaki to the Dining room; it was huge of course and highly decorated. You all sat around the huge dining table.

“Ok so now that _________ is here we can start planning”, Tamaki said “What should we work on first?”

“Well the food will be easy, we just have to get Kyoya’s favorite spicy foods” You said “of course we do have to get other foods that aren’t spicy for everyone else”

“YEAH! LIKE CAKE” screamed Honey-Sempai.

Everyone laughed.

“Maybe we can even have some Fancy Tuna” said Hikaru.

“What do you think Haruhi?” Kaoru said and as he turned to see Haruhi’s expression he almost busted out laughing.

Her eyes were widened and it looked as if she was about to go on a sugar rush.

You couldn’t help but laugh at your best friend, but it was funny to see her reactions for fancy tuna.

Hikaru and Kaoru burst out laughing, along with Honey-Sempai.

Tamaki went over and hit all of them on the head, saying “LEAVE MY HARUHI ALONE!”

He then went beside Haruhi and said
“Haruhi my darling, if you want fancy tuna at the party, then I will run to ends of the earth to get it for you”
he started to lean up close to her face.

Haruhi face palmed Tamaki.

With a boring expression, that looked as if she was going to be sick, she said “Thanks Tamaki-Sempai”

He started to cry in the corner again.

‘Ugh, that so typical. Tamaki don’t you get that Haruhi hates all that corny stuff? You need new material, it’s getting old’ you thought.

“Ok everyone let’s get back to planning for Kyoya’s surprise party” Haruhi said

“Right!” everyone replied.


It took about 3 hours but you all managed to get a plan together. You all got his favorite foods and favorite music all down, of course you added some things that others like to keep everyone happy.  Hikaru and Kaoru were in charge of music. You and Haruhi were in charge of decorations. And Honey-Sempai and Mori were in charge of food. You all kept an eye on Honey, just in case he order cakes instead of the food list you all put together. And Tamaki was in charge of the party guest list.  Everything was to fit to please Kyoya and everyone who would attend the party.

You showed everyone the decorations that you think would look good, and everyone liked them too. You order them off of Tamaki’s laptop and hoped he didn’t mind. He didn’t of course and was just fine with it.

It started getting late so everyone went home. You waited for John at the front steps to come and pick you up. Tamaki walked up to you.

“Hey _______, thanks for being here to help" he smiled.

“It’s no problem; I really wanted to throw him a great surprise birthday party, one that he'll remember for a long time" you stare at the sky

“You really love him, don’t you?”

You look at him, "with all my heart"

Tamaki smiled, a sincere smile.

John came up with your limo, got out of the car to open the car door for you.

“I’m glad that you’re with him, he’s changed, in good way. I would like you to always be with him, and never leave his side. You make him more happy than anyone else I know” Tamaki said.

You were getting in and stopped at these words. You almost started to cry but held it in. You turned around to face Tamaki.

“Thank you Tamaki” you smiled cheerfully and got in the limo.

As you drove off home, you started to ponder with “what ifs”.

You hoped that everything would turn out good, but the only problem you could think of is his family. His father didn’t care about you, his brothers ignored you completely, and his sister loved you. You would of course invite his sister, but everyone else, you weren’t too sure on. You wanted to invite them of course because they were family, but what if they made a scene? You couldn’t decide if they should be invited or not.

After 15 minutes of driving, you arrived home. You entered your mansion, going to straight to your room. You started getting ready for bed, still thinking about inviting his family or not.

You sighed.

“Maybe I’ll just ask everyone else what we should do about them. No point in scrambling my mind on this one thought” you said and crawled into bed. Soon you started to dream peacefully that the party went well, and that his family WAS there too.
Ok this is part of my Kyoya X Reader story! I'm sorry it's kinda short but the next chapter will make up for it, I PROMISE!!!!! X3

I do not own Ouran High School Host Club, it was all written and illustrated by Bisco Hatori. She's awesome! ^_^

Hope you enjoyed!! Stay tuned! :D

BE WARNED!! The next chapter is is/ has "LIME"!!!

Chapter 3:…
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